Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Indigo Handloom Back on Kickstarter!

We learned so much from our first Kickstarter campaign - we learned that we need to start smaller, we learned how to communicate with our supporters, and we learned a lot about what you, our community, are expecting of us. We consider ourselves lucky to have such an enthusiastic group of supporters behind us, and because we have heard so much demand for the products that we want to produce, we have decided to get out there and give this thing another try!

So next week, on Monday, August 3, we will be re-launching on Kickstarter. In this new campaign we will be aiming to raise just $15,000. This is the bare minimum that we can work with to create our new collection while sticking to the sustainability principles that drive us.

The core values of Indigo Handloom include:
  • creating viable jobs for handloom artisans in rural India.
  • creating beautiful products without damaging the planet.
  • creating jobs right here in the U.S.A. by assembling the highest quality sewn garments in San Francisco.

Doing business with integrity costs a little bit more money than doing it the other way, but we are committed to our core values and we are determined to make this work.
If you were a donor or a cheerleader for us in our last campaign, we are asking you to step up and help us out one more time.

The first day of a Kickstarter campaign is the most important, so if you did support us before, please be sure to make the same pledge on August 3rd. If we are able to reach 20% of our goal on the first day of our campaign, Kickstarter will feature us on their front page, which will allow us to reach even more people and ultimately hit our new goal.

We ask that you email, text, call, or tag three of your friends on or before Monday to tell them about Indigo Handloom.

If you are able to reach out to just three people for us, you will help our success grow immensely! Think of friends, family or coworkers who may appreciate our story or our dedication to sustainability, not just people who love beautiful clothing. We have added some new, non-apparel rewards for those who want to support but don’t need anything in their closets. We know that our mission is powerful and believe that our message will resonate with so many people who have yet to hear of us!

We are so grateful for every one of you who has supported us in the past and we would be incredibly happy to see you do so again. We will be sending out a reminder email on Monday when our new campaign goes live, so stay tuned!

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