Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frei Design Lookbook Pictures

The pictures above are a sneak peak of Frei Designs' Spring 2010 lookbook.

Annie Novotny, creator of Frei Designs and loyal Indigo Handloom customer, uses only socially responsible fabrics.

The pieces shown here are made with: a hand woven striped khadi, and a hand woven silk that was hand batik dyed. Khadi is Indian term for fabric that is not only hand woven but is made from cotton yarn that is hand spun.

Batik is a process that involves painting a wax resist on the cloth, letting it crackle as it dries, then painting dye over the wax letting it fall into the cracks creating a crackle dye effect.

Frei Designs is based in Chicago and the collection can be viewed in their new retail outlet.
For more information, check out heir website: http://www.freidesigns.com/